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Steampunk And It’s origins
The meaning of this word depends on the person you ask, but the core of its meaning is the blend of science fiction with fashion, style and art. Steampunk began as a sci-fi genre that came out of the 1980’s cyberpunk look in a pseudo-Victorian era that is entirely different from that of the futuristic cyberpunk look.
The idea is to picture a Victorian world that was technologically advanced beyond current technology and they had airships powered by steam. Explorers armed with ray guns and carriages that transported people all over huge industrial gothic cities with time machines and of course, the extravagant fashion.
Steampunk is a fashion style that incorporates Goggles, tailcoats and tap hats, but it does this with an experimental blend that includes gadgets, crazy inventions, magnifying glasses and bizarre creations that blend retro with futuristic styles. The Steampunk world is a parallel reality in which technology went on a different path and we evolved in a completely different way.
There are plenty of movies that have incorporated the Steampunk look and style. Hellboy, Wild Wild West and Dark City are good examples of such movies. This is a good place for you to start looking into the whole steampunk movement.



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